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Singles: The forum moves

The forum of the life and love simulation Singles has found a new home. A new meeting place for all simulation fans will be opened here as part of the Deep Silver community.

Please note that all Singles users from the old forum must re-register here. Register with Deep Silver by March 24th and your name will be entered in a raffle for one of ten exclusive Singles belts, as well as a special prize: an "erotic" Singles box (not available on the market). You can access the forum right here>>

Singles 2 Triple Trouble Patch 1.2

Deep Silver issues the second Patch for Singles 2 Triple Trouble. The new patch 1.2 smashes a few bugs in the bar location as well as troubles with user-made extensions. Additionally, an error in the Clothchange-Quest has been fixed. To download the new patch just click on the "Update"-button in the autorun menu of the game or choose the download-link below>>

Singles 2 Triple Trouble Patch 1.1

Deep Silver issues the first Patch for Singles 2 Triple Trouble after many requests from the community. The patch takes care of some errors in the story mode as well as the problem with old versions of the Windows Media Player. If you do have those problems, please download the patch with klicking the update button on the autorun menu of the game or follow this link for the Patch 1.1: -> download

The Singles 2 Story - Part 3

Your best friend Gary will help you. He's not just your friend, he's also your employer, your confidant and your teacher - especially when it comes to women and affairs of the heart. Put all your humour, cash and time into winning Anna back. Finally, you must pluck up all your courage, overcome your fear and perform at a concert to make up for your mistake, win back Anna's affection and lay the foundations for your musical career.

Singles 2 Party - The Aftermath

The recent launch party for Singles 2 Triple Trouble was held at the exclusive On Anon nightclub in London’s Piccadilly Circus. Special guests including Jakki Degg, Judi Shekoni and the Cheeky Girls were there to help support the launch of Singles 2 Triple Trouble, the follow on to the internationally acclaimed Singles Flirt Up Your Life. Over 500 members of the public and 150 industry contacts joined in the celebrations and took on the chance of finding perfect love in the speedating event.

If you weren’t one of those lucky enough to grab a ticket, here are a few photos from the event. -> gallery

The Singles 2 Story - Part 2

Anna is still so mad at you that she refuses to even talk to you. Actually, she's well within her rights. When she did everything she could to support your career, you let her down. Anna used all her contacts in the music business to organise a performance for you, and a lot of important people came. They all came to hear you sing - but you didn't turn up! You were scared to make a fool of yourself - so Anna made a fool of herself for you. You were a failure, but that's over now! You've got to show Anna you really love her before her slimy boss Simon wins her heart.

SpeedDating with Singles 2!

You haven't been speeddating yet? This is your chance because Speeddater.co.uk and Deep Silver will get you connected on the ultimate dating event to come! Mark it red on your calender, and hurry because 200 tickets sold already:

date: Thursday 09th of June 2005
time: 18:00
location: Piccadilly Circus

For further details please visit the Event-Website:

-> Speeddater.co.uk

The Singles 2 Story Part 1!

In the upcoming week, you will read here more about the story within Singles 2 - Triple Trouble:

You play as Josh, a promising and talented young musician who gets by with odd jobs and spends every minute of his spare time strumming his beloved electric guitar. Songwriting is the greatest in Josh's opinion, and he wants more than anything to become a famous songwriter. However, since he split up with his girlfriend Anna, he only sings blues, because she was not only his best friend, but the love of his life. A lucky coincidence leads him to meet a high-spirited, lively girl called Kim, who spontaneously invites him to move into her new flat share. But when you, as Josh, accept this offer, the door is opened by none other than - your ex, Anna!

New characters in Singles 2 - Triple Trouble


Gary aka Magnet

At just 30 years of age, Magnet is very experienced. He is a cool musician who has learned very much during gigs all over the country, but now he appreciates staying in his own music club and jamming with other musicians. Women love him because he knows what he wants. He helps Josh by giving him simple but very helpful advice.



Josh is not shy and has no problems with getting to know other people. But when it comes to music he somehow lacks this courage. Accepting one odd job after another he always declines them one week later, because he has not enough time for his music. Anna was the best thing that could ever happen to him, because she inspired him and supported his hobby.


Anna is a young, intelligent, outgoing person. She is very active and spontaneous and works as a journalist for a music magazine. In her job she works very hard, gets to know many people and always has to be up to date regarding trends in fashion or music, but at home she is very relaxed and enjoys good food as well as a romantic candlelight dinner.

Welcome to the Singles 2 partnershow!

Let us introduce you in the upcoming weeks to the to the new characters in Singles 2 Triple Trouble! This week we’ll start with Simon and Kim:


Simon is Anna's boss and therefore Josh's rival. Being very self-confident, he likes to wear expensive clothes and accessories. He founded his own magazine at the age of 19 and seems to have everything Josh hasn't got. But Anna is not the love of his life.


Kim is an Asian girlie, very outgoing, crazy and sometimes a little naive. She is studying East Asian culture to learn more about her roots, which are still a bit of a mystery to her. Aged 20, she falls in love with men pretty easily. Knowing that makes it easy to impress her with small presents.